About Us

Naudi Law Group’s record of representing plaintiffs speaks for itself.

Our lawyers have worked throughout their careers to obtain millions of dollars owed to clients through both litigation and settlements.

Priority number one is always the client — tenant’s rights, people injured in accidents & Hollywood Entertainers.  Naudi Law Group remains focused on the idea that money is often our client’s desired outcome, and we utilize all of our resources toward that end.  Clients seek us for our commitment to winning, open communication, and world-class client service.

All cases are prepared in anticipation of trial.  Our opponents and their insurance companies know that Naudi Law Group is ready for litigation.  However, each case belongs to the client, not the lawyer.  Clients ultimately make the decision whether to litigate, or settle, their case.

As an active member of our community, Naudi Law Group often works with non-profits, charities, churches and consulates to provide their members with legal advice, workshops and access to exceptional legal representation.